Toyoko Inn seeks financially secure and well-established landowners to construct three star hotels on their land and lease them to us

For landowners who are considering using their property for rental apartments, offices, or retail space, construction of a rental hotel building may be just the right option. After the buildings are completed, we will lease them from the owners for a fixed monthly rent and manage them entirely. In this way, the owners can be sure of a stable return on their investments. And as Toyoko Inn leases the entire building for 25 to 50 years, there would be no risk of losing tenants. Toyoko Inn also takes full responsibility for all maintenance, repair, and replacement costs, except for those incurred as a result of natural disasters, war, or terrorism. Total maintenance will cost as equivalent to over 80% of the total construction cost throughout 30 years of a lease contract period. Toyoko Inn always tries to maintain hotels clean and safety.

To facilitate smooth construction of the hotels, Toyoko Inn will deposit 20% of the total construction cost with landowners as security. Upon receipt of this amount, the landowner is asked to construct a building in accordance with Toyoko Innfs requirements.

Investment Opportunity

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