Toyoko Inn is seeking partnership with well-established landowners who wants to build a three-star hotel for us to lease.

Who are we?

Toyoko Inn is not a 5-star hotel with, lush facilities, vast spaces and equipped with top tier room service.

Toyoko Inn is a 3-star economy hotel that specializes in providing accommodation for business and leisure travelers who are looking for a "safe, clean and convenient" hotel where they can stay at a reasonable price.

We have standardized the guest rooms in order to provide such a hotel.

Toyoko Inn Architect is the is a company specialized in designing our hotels by implementing unique specifications to ensure cost effectiveness. Whereas Toyoko Inn Denken is a construction company focused on the hotel facilitiesf interior and exterior finishing, electrical work, ventilation and air conditioning. This is unique design and construction management method keeps us efficient and economical, and a method that also enables us to build hotels that are "necessary and sufficient facilities and services" that is also "safe, comfortable, clean and convenient rooms".

Toyoko Inn, one of the largest economy hotel chains in Japan, is looking for landowners who is interested in building a 3-star hotel for us to lease for 30 years.

To date, Toyoko Inn has opened 318 hotels in Japan, 13 hotels in South Korea, as well as hotel branches in Frankfurt, Germany; Marseille, France; Cebu, Philippines, and Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, bringing the total number of guest rooms to over 73,339 rooms (as at the end of June 2022).

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Our framework

If youfre interested in making effective use of your land, and if you are considering rental offices, rental stores, rental apartments, why not build hotels to rent out?
We will lease the entire building for 30 years. Toyoko Inn will also take responsibility over the building maintenance and all repairs outside of the scope of natural disasters, wars, and terrorism, carried out at our own expense. Full maintenance management for the entire rent period based on gLong Term Full Leasing methodh we have adopted as our framework to support the effective use of land.